The National Will Registry to offer Digital and Physical Storage of Estate and Family Documents

The National Will Registry is more than a simple registry starting in October, 2014. The Registry now provides digital and physical storage for estate and other important family documents such as wills, trusts, living wills/advanced health directives and powers of attorney.

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The National Will Registry Service

“This is not like Dropbox, Google Drive or one of the other amazing cloud-based services,” explains Mark Nicholas, CEO of Family Archival Solutions and the National Will Registry. “Our mission is not merely to store documents but to make sure that they are found and provided quickly to the family.”

While the National Will Registry is a clearinghouse for estate information and will record the location of documents no matter where they are stored, it is particularly adept when it comes to storing digitally and physically storing estate and family documents. The National Will Registry utilizes Iron Mountain and provides world-class storage capabilities for documents that is otherwise unavailable to the retail public.

“A remarkable number of documents are lost or damaged” Nicholas continues. “Whether documents are stored with personal lawyers or safety deposit boxes, the documents are often left lost or left unclaimed. Events such as hurricanes and natural disasters can wipe out thousands of family documents, many of which as well are never replaced. “

Particular attention is paid to digital documents, which face an uphill battle for acceptance. Digital wills are not permitted at all in many jurisdictions and, even in places where they are permitted the digital will remains particularly vulnerable when it comes to family challenges. National Will Registry assists families by helping to prove the document’s existence as of a particular time period and providing documentation to courts and estates upon request.

“We’re happy to hold the physical and digital documents, and we do that well, but we care much more about helping to ensure that families are protected —regardless of how they protect their documents.”

Upgraded programs allow for digital and physical storage of documentation and a variety of other services, including the previously unavailable Estate Roadmap, which are of critical importance to many families.

About the National Will Registry

The National Will Registry can be visited at The basic registry service is free to customers for life. The basic National Will Registry service is offered alongside a complete lineup of refined estate and document management services, including National Will Registry’s innovative Estate Roadmap, designed to offer families and professionals tremendous benefits. National Will Registry is offered by Family Archival Solutions, Inc. (, the parent company to National Will Registry. Family Archival Solutions utilizes security features from Iron Mountain to provide the highest levels of data and document protection. To sign up visit and visit for detailed information about trends in estate planning, online security and other important end-of-life details. Call (800) 732-2139 or visit the website for additional information.


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